Monday, November 13, 2006

Eagles drained after tea-bags win

Eagles lined up in a confident mood after intensive training sessions seemed to eradicate fundamental errors on the pitch. However this was not be the case as tea-bags raced into a two goal lead inside the first five minutes. Stunned by this disastrous start Eagles slowly began to settle and chances were made with Halley going close with a blistering strike and Pryde fully testing the keeper with a shot from just outside the box. Failure to take these chances was crucial as the Eagles lost there way and conceded another two goals before half-time.
In the second-half Eagles made a few changes where Marshall and Martin were introduced to the action. However a fifth goal was lost before Martin pulled a goal back when a Halley strike was spilled by the keeper to slot home. With the Eagles now chasing the game holes appeared in defence where another two goals were shipped before full time.
Final Score: Cupar Eagles 1 Tetley Tea-Bags 7
Cupar Eagles line-up:
1. Roy McGregor
2. Ally Syme
3. John Mullen
4. Greg McLucky
5. Gary Pryde
6. Craig Halley
7. Tommy Marshall
8. Walter Martin
9. Colin Clive